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I (virgin and cup nub) recently got my first Diva Cup, and after going through the normal painful-dry-run-then-panic-cuz-it-won't-come-out routine, I thought I was starting to get the hang of the whole thing. (Today is day three of my cycle, and the cup seemed to be finally working perfectly.) But then I took it out today, and the first thing I noticed was the awful, nausea-inducing smell. Blech. The second thing I noticed was that my flow was almost nonexistant, judging by the amount in the cup – and less than yesterday, which is very odd for me. But neither of these things on their own was enough to make me panic and create a brand-new account just to post here with – what really scared me was when I felt this strange mass around where the cup had been sitting. It definitely has no sensing nerves (ie I don't feel anything when I touch it), and I can't for the life of me figure out what it would be. The options that have gone through my head are that the flow congealed inside of me instead of in the cup, or that this is some disastrously bizarre yeast problem, or that I somehow pulled organs down from higher up due to the suction of removing the cup. All of which are probably less than a half percent likely, but hey, I'm new at this and prone to panicking. :/

Anyone have any wisdom for a desperate teen? Please and thank you…
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