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Hey all!

so I was on the bus home, finally having given up on ever seeing my femmecup, and planning how I was going to afford another one. I get home and in the letterbox is a parcel! for me! from the UK! WOO!

I'm actually really glad as I'm starting to get warning signals from my body and I was imagining another period without it. Which would have made it two cycles since I brought the cup.

So anyway, I opened it up and I found my cup, as well as a neat cloth liner which the seller included as an apology for the delay in getting it to me. Its a pale yellow/pink splotchy kind of material. dont know what the material actually is but its nice and soft and im looking foward to being able to use it. Its a little too pink for my tastes, but greatly appreciated nonetheless - I thought they handled my complaint well after they eventually got my email (first email got lost). I was going to post some photos but I cant get my phone to connect so I think I'll post them when I work it out - or at least, for my actually-on-my-period review.

First thought on opening the box - its bigger than I imagined, and stiffer than I imagined. but I know I've had bigger things (quite happily) in my ladybits so no real stress there.

I've boiled my cup, and as I just got home from work and we had a public event as well as a function today - very busy, AND its nearly 40 degrees C today, I needed a shower. Naturally, I thought this would be the perfect time to test it out... do a dry run. so thats what I did. No insertion troubles at all - which caused me more suprise.

taking what I learnt from my slightly obsessive research, I used the punch down fold, folded side down, let it in a bit, let it pop open then pushed/kegled it up.

first observation - I think for me I would be better off inserting a little furthur before letting it open, purely because it would take less time.
second observation - I'm definitly trimming the stem. in fact, this is the only part of the cup that I can feel. Initially I could feel it, but not in an uncomfortable way, more of a "I know you're there" sort of feeling.

maybe it's beginners luck, but I managed removal very easily as well. I laid on my bed, bore down, grabbed the stem, wiggled it a little from side to side. When I'd walked it down a little I inserted a finger and hooked it over the rim, broke the seal and pulled it out. took about 30 seconds at most I reckon.

I'll point out that I tried this lying down as I thought it was best to start in a relatively easy seeming position although it wouldnt be practical for emptying once I'm on my period. So time will tell how effective my removal technique actually is when I'm on my period.

I don't think theres anything else to add really, I'll do a better review once my period turns up. Also, I feel that the reason that I was able to do this test run with so much ease was that I was very relaxed and positive. I'm also very aware of my body now, and have done a lot of exploration of my body over the last few months.

I'm very happy XD
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