B (mrsbenglish) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Change in flow.

I have been using a Diva for years--I started with the size 1, and then got pregnant, and had my daughter, I used that size 1 for my first several cycles after I stated menstruating again. I accidently flushed it down the toilet :(
So I got a size 2 to replace it.

Within the past few months, the first couple days of my period are SUPER HEAVY--like overflowing the cup after a couple hours heavy...I have never experienced this before, I used to be able to wear the cup all day and emptying it only once or twice during the day.

Bottom line-- I think I need a different cup for my heavier days. I *LOVE* my diva, so something that is the most similar to that, but has a bigger capacity--what cup would this be?

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