melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Large Lotos Pictures, And More

Hey everyone, just sharing my photos of the large Lotos Ladycup, and a few other things.

Lotos Ladycup--- I hope I got the cut right, I haven’t had much luck with it in the past, lol. This is one of the prettiest cups I’ve seen, and I love the pouch! I got it from feminine wear, it came pretty fast. In other people’s photos, I thought maybe the neon look was just a trick of the light or the camera angle. But when I held it up close, it actually does look almost like its glowing. Somehow, I didn’t manage to capture that in my pics, though (at least… I don’t think?). Also, I included a photo of the MCUK logo pin, which is just adorable. I keep it fastened to my MCUK’s pouch.

Alicia--- Laura from gave me permission to include her photos on my WordPress of the Alicia cup. She got it from Samantha B. as a donation of good faith. I know they are not being sold retail anymore, but its still nice to get a look at some “real” photos of it. Apparently, it came in a tube, like Yuuki:

Tags: alicia, coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, lady cup, mooncup (uk)

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