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Shorter cup?

Hello all - new cup user here! Reading through the posts has been very helpful in guiding me through my first cycle with the cup, but now I need some advice!

The first cycle was not trouble-free, but it went well enough that I really want to get this right! After reading through the posts here, I had decided to go with the MCUK. I did some dry runs and cut the stem off completely - I def. do not need it. I am able to insert and remove it without any discomfort or pain, which is awesome. The first day of my period, I had some problems with leaking. I think this was mainly because I wasn't getting a good enough suction due to blood on the vagina walls. I think I solved that problem by stirring around the cup multiple times until it was drier and I could get a good enough suction going. I'll find out for sure next cycle.

My main problem, however, is that I have realized that my cervix is quite low during my period. When I stick my index finger in, I reach my cervix by my second knuckle! I never realized it was that low before. Consequently, the very end of the cup sits right at the entrance of my vagina, and I can often feel that it is there. Because the stem is cut off, it isn't painful, but...it's there. And that is a tad uncomfortable. This may have also contributed to some of the leakage problems when my period was heavier because I think my cervix was taking up some of the capacity of the cup.

So, I am thinking that I may need a shorter cup...I have been perusing the posts, and I think that maybe a Lunette might be a good option? According to the size chart it is three mm shorter than the one I have...would that make a difference? 3mm seems like so little, but on the other hand, I feel like it just needs to be a tiny bit further in and I wouldn't feel it...I also like that it has a larger capacity. My flow isn't super heavy, but I love the fact that I can wear this thing over night! But then spending more money, esp. since the Lunette seems to be a bit pricier, doesn't seem all that appealing either. Decisions, decisions. Opinions?
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