omg riri (teh_riaz) wrote in menstrual_cups,
omg riri

large meluna? also yuuki/fleurcup?

has anyone here used a large meluna? I'm trying to get a sense for capacity. I use a large ladycup and LOVE it, but it always starts to leak at about 2/3s of the way full or less because the damn holes are so low, so it's kind of difficult to judge by dimensions how much a meluna might hold in comparison. edit: I just checked and measured, and the ladycup only fills to 15-20 ml because of the holes. I love that thing, but still, what?

edit: I'd also love to hear from anyone who's used a large yuuki or fleurcup as these seem to be the highest capacity available. I have a ridiculously heavy flow and sometimes for a couple days I fill my ladycup in under an hour.

thanks in advance!
Tags: brand comparisons, fleurcup, lady cup, meluna, yuuki

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