accphotography (accphotography) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Riding loooow and leakage *cries*

My Diva is leaking. *cries* This is a first for me since I learned to turn it inside out. I've been in and out of the bathroom all day with leaks. Luckily nothing major (only because I RUN as soon as I feel that bubbly feeling). Most of the time it was less than 1/4 full (once it was 6 or 7 8ths, but not full enough to have been leaking IMO), so I know it's not overfilling. I know it's opening all the way as I'm checking for fullness when I swirl, and I'm 100% certain it's not residual slobber. I'm not certain it's sealing (in some cases I know it wasn't sealed when I pulled it back out), but I can't figure out what else to do to make it seal, I've tried everything I know of. I know it is working to some extent as I'm getting some HEAVY flow in the cup (very clotty), what's leaking is thinner and looks more like plasma. Does this sound like a seal issue maybe that the big/heavy stuff is getting in but the thinner stuff is sliding by?

I've also had a VERY, VERY hard time getting my cup to open today. I get it open eventually, but it's like it's too tight to open all the way or something, it won't pop open just inside like it normally does.

So after about the 10th trip to the bathroom today I decided to check my cervix position (only the 2nd time I've ever done so and the first time I was not on my cycle). SHOCKER! *faints* It is almost RIGHT at the entrance to my vagina. Obviously, VERY, VERY low. I am 100% confident it's my cervix too (odd for me as I wasn't sure I was feeling the right thing the first time, but I know now that I was) as I felt the opening and I was able to feel all the way around it. How strange! Well, not strange as in anything unusual, just strange as I never really felt or understood it until now.

So what do you think is happening here? Is my cervix taking some of my cup capacity? Is my cervix sitting outside the cup (I don't think so, but I'm not sure)? Is it not sealing because of the cervix position? Any other possibilities?

I'm open to any and all possibilities and suggestions.

I am now more convinced than ever that the Diva is sooo the wrong cup for me due to the length and my cervix position. I may have to go with an even smaller cup than I thought (I just ordered a large MeLuna... I hope it's not too long as well).

How frustrating! Hey... can anyone tell me if it's normal or at least if it happens sometimes that the cervix position would vary from cycle to cycle? I'm just wondering how my Diva has been working for so long but all of the sudden it's not.. *shrugs*

Sorry for the novel. *blush*

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