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More questions

Hello ladies!
I'm european, so I went for a fleurcup and I really like it. I had to trim the stern and it still pokes me sometimes. I saw that Meluna had the ball and ring stern options and I was really interested. I have a few doubts, though:

1. I'm never sure about the correct placement, I usually place it past my pubic bone and keep going until I can no longer feel the stern. This cycle I tried inserting it lower because last time it started going up my vagina. It still poked me, but I did it because last time it took me a while to locate and grip the stern.

2. Before that, I had the lousy idea of turning it inside out, because I saw menstrualcupinfo channel on youtube and she took it out by inserting a finger alongside it to break the suction, and hers was sternless. I couldn't take it out and ended up going to the doctor to have it removed. I guess I have a long vagina because today I tried to locate my cervix and I had my middle finger all the way in and had to press on my belly to feel the tip of my cervix. Will I be able to find and remove the meluna?

3. I also found out I have a really light flow. I keep my cup in for 12 hours and it only fills up halfway on my heaviest day. I wanted a small meluna for the lighter days to give my girly parts a rest from the previous poking. Do you think it's worth buying it? Do you prefer the ball or ring stern?

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