Mary Carla (sparkle_lite) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Mary Carla

Did anyone else get this E-mail?

Dear Ladies,

Apologies for the less than personal group email, but the good news has come through on a Saturday when I have people coming for dinner and I wanted to let you know straight away!

Lunette in Finland have announced that yesterday they got the news that we have been waiting for: Lunette is now FDA approved!

(Don't forgot it is also the only silicone menstrual cup that is TGA approved which is similar authorization than FDA but in Australia).

The process of getting the approval was long and hard since Lunette were the first menstrual cup that had to send more information to prove that menstrual cups are really safe to use. In a way this is a good news; it means that FDA now think that cups could be more mainstream than they have been in the past. Everything is almost final but there are still a couple of bureaucracy things first before we can start really selling to US.

FDA also required that there are some changes to the packaging and instructions so it’s not legal to sell old Lunette packages with old instructions to US in any case. I hope you understand this.

Lunette will be launching in US with new packaging.

Please check for up to date information.

Kind regards,
For Lunette Customer Services in the UK

Of course, like the letter says, there is still some more red tape to take care of, but it's on its way. I absolutely love my large Lunette, and I can't wait to get my hands on a small one! Now maybe the Fleurcup will be next!

Sorry to spam, I was just excited!!
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