moo's mama ;D (teamrose) wrote in menstrual_cups,
moo's mama ;D

Am I not cup worthy? ;\

So, I posted last month and said that I was anxious to use my Diva Cup and not feeling to sure of myself. Well when my last cycle came it was just spotting, not enough to contemplate using the cup. I did try the cup out though and put it in/walk around/take it out and just try to familiarize myself with the cup.

It was alright but after about 30 minutes it seemed as if the cup were just coming further and further down. I could feel it slipping out of place, to the point that it was uncomfortable and I could easily grab the entire end of the cup. I have no clue why but it didn't seem to be working!

Today is the second, and slightly heavier, day of my period and so I decided to try the cup, again. I did the C fold, slid the cup in as far as I could and then pressed my fingers against the stem to make sure it was as far up as I could get it. I then used my kegels to make sure it was in properly and not going anywhere. It feels like it's in there properly and it's not really "uncomfortable" but when I walk or sit in a certain position it feels as if I have a too large tampon trying to work it's way out.

I have pretty short sausage fingers and my cervix is very high and tilted. I can't reach my cervix, even if I lay down or squat, it's just too far and my fingers are too short. So I can't really use my fingers to gauge where the cup is in comparison to my cervix. I'm at a loss here. I can't use tampons anymore because my periods are becoming unbearable with them and I hate using my cloth pads alone. I know there's the option of using sea sponges but I'd like to get the hang of using this cup.

Do I need a new cup? What am I doing wrong? Is it the fold? Help! TIA.
Tags: seal & suction, teething troubles
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