mmmbritt (mmmbritt) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Please Suggest a New Menstrual Cup!

As the holiday season approaches I'm thinking about asking for a certficate to get a new menstrual cup. I'm currently using a small diva cup, and I don't mind it at all.

My big problem is that it is just too long. In the span of one day I barely fill the cup up the first line which is i believe is 7.5 ml. I cut the stem off but when i sit down i can feel the stub of the stem sticking out. It's kind of hard to get it to pop open but that is really not a huge issue.

I really like the flexibility of the diva cup, the suction is fine, and I can use it without having it leak. It's just too long.

I I was thinking about getting a MeLuna because it is smaller but it doesn't look like it would as flexible as I would like it to be.

Any suggestions? Let me know if you need more information to make a suggestion!
I would really love suggestions from people who have used the diva cup and other cups, but all suggestions would be appreciated!
Tags: buying decisions
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