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Becoming a Diva: the conclusion

Following up on my somewhat effusive post from last week, a few more newbie thoughts on using the Diva Cup.

Well, I may have spoken too soon in regards to this being a "moderate flow" cycle for me. Last Friday and parts of Saturday proved me a liar, and thank goodness my years of immoderate bleeding have taught me paranoia -- I wore an overnight pad as back-up with my cup every day and it was a Very Good Plan indeed when I had a surprise flood while out for lunch with a (male) friend. I managed to overflow the cup (which I had emptied only half an hour earlier) and soak the back-up pad, which had been almost pristine up until then. My cervix had decided to unload a fairly impressively sized clot which took up all the space in the cup, displacing the blood that had collected. Normally, however, this monster would have slid down onto my pad, causing an almost-certain leak and staining of my jeans. As it was, I just had a bit of a messy time emptying and cleaning the cup in a bathroom stall with no water to hand.

In my arrogance, I hadn't brought my purse to the bathroom with me which meant I had to sort of squelch my way around until I got home a little later. Luckily the cup did its thing at that point and I didn't have any further leaks, I just had to deal with a full pad for another half an hour. Still, for the rest of that day I made trips to the bathroom every 1 to 2 hours to empty another full cup.

What this taught me is that there is no wonder solution to my crazy elevator-doors-opening-in-The-Shining days. There will be times when I simply cannot visit the bathroom frequently enough (though my in-the-mail Diva size 2 may make this slightly easier) but the cup thankfully does make what could have been a clothes-staining duck-walking mess into something slightly more dignified.

The other huge bonus is that my lighter days have become completely civilized and manageable. I have long periods in general (day 9 today and still going, yippee!) but the cup has meant that the first day and the last two or three days of my period are now almost unnoticeable to me, with one or two trips to empty the cup per day and only my paranoia pad to keep me company.

Next cycle I will have the Diva 2 at hand for those extra-special days to see if it can control the chaos any better. I'm hoping that after about 3 cycles, I'll have a good idea of what I need for back-up in terms of cloth pads, at which point I'll invest in some. In the meantime I'll stick with my leftover supply of Always overnight pads. (You laugh, but honestly that's the only size I buy, ever. I bled halfway down my thigh once! The front of my thigh! AT SCHOOL! Girls like me don't screw around with pantyliners and that kind of wussy crap.) Ultimately I may also try out a Lunette, because while I seemingly have a reasonably high cervix, the stem of the Diva 1 has gotten all but trimmed off -- this makes me fear for the fate of the Diva 2's stem when I try it out. I'm also not convinced that I'm getting a good seal with the Diva may just be a byproduct of my gushing flow but it did seem that I was having a hard time doing away with a back-up pad on my very heavy days. I'm thinking the slightly-wider stiffer large Lunette might have more success in cutting back on the leaks.

In conclusion: yay for Diva! And sorry I waited this long to try it. I can't even tell you how many horrible encounters with public bleeding I could have avoided...
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