pavlovs_trainer (pavlovs_trainer) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Where to purchase overseas cups?


I am 28, no kids, and have never used a menstrual cup. However, on recommendation from a friend I've been reading for the past couple days on this fabulous site about the various cups, sizes, etc. It appears I have a short vaginal canal and thus would like to start by trying one of the shorter cups. Balancing this with wanting as much fill capacity as possible, I've narrowed it down to a Lunette, Yuuki or Fleurcup. None of these, however, are available to ship to the US on the main sites I have found.

1. Has anyone found a reputable site from which to purchase one of these cups?
2. Has anyone with an easily palpable cervix (i.e. short canal) tried a Diva (the most readily available in the US)? I am aware that they are one of the longest, so this concerns me that it might not be comfortable.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Tags: buying decisions, where to buy

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