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taking surveys

I don't know whether to be amused or frustrated. One of my current time wasting pursuits is taking surveys at, and a survey about menstrual products came up. The only options it gave me for which menstrual products I use are pads and tampons, and now it's asking me more and more detailed questions about pads! I ended up answering based upon my past pad usage (I only switched to cups last January), and sent them the following email.

I just took a survey related to menstrual products, and I was unable to answer the questions accurately and truthfully. One of the questions asked whether I used pads or tampons more, and I do not use either: I use a menstrual cup and reusable cloth pantyliners. The questions then continued to ask me in more detail about my pad usage, and again none of the options were relevant to my own usage. Other women also use natural sponges as another option.

Survey questions asking which products people use should allow an "other" answer. And surveys about menstrual products should include all options that women actually use.
Tags: activism

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