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how did i survive before my cup?

I just spent 5 hours at church...lots of stuff going on there today. Anyways...I had to empty my large Divacup every hour to hour and a half. Annoying, but would have been twice as often with tampons. So, even though I had to wear a cloth pad for backup (I always do on my heavy days anyways) I at least didn't have to visit the bathroom as much as I would have before I had this WONDERFUL cup. Or to have to remove a waaaay too full super plus drippy tampon and change a disposable pad a few times. Plus I didn't have to take anything to the bathroom with me...that is definitely a perk. Just sooooo happy I have a cup. (And why couldn't my heavy days happen when I'm just home all day???) Now off to educate females everywhere about these wonderful inventions (said in my best superhero voice.)

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