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First time poster, first time user... enlightenment and all.

A little while ago I was referred here by a member (hiiiiii). I'd vaguely heard of cups before, but never really considered using them. Well, I did some research and ordered a small Ladycup "Lotos" - the first couple of dry runs were painful and disappointing (despite using lube), so I decided to put it away for a while. I think I'd been rushing it... definitely needed practice. Aunt Flo finally showed up this week, and I figured out the triangle fold works perfectly. Yay for periods being significantly less gross with no risk of TSS! I can't feel a thing, but the real test was using it during training today. I'm a weightlifter/strength athlete and I take my training seriously. Absolutely ZERO leakage or pain, and I could front squat like the hardcore meathead I am.

I might just put that on my car for the lulz.

(Yes, my callouses ARE awesome. ;D)

In conclusion, this community is extremely kickass, and menstrual cups have officially opened my eyes. THANK YOU. <3
Tags: first time use, lady cup, sports/physical activities, success stories

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