2-digit newborn weights and 1-digit pants sizes (so_there) wrote in menstrual_cups,
2-digit newborn weights and 1-digit pants sizes

menstrual duration

I got my cup halfway through my last period, so I only used it for a day or two, and not overnight at all. I just recently finished my first *full* period with the cup. I used it day and night for like 4 days straight, and when I took it out, was surprised to discover that I only lightly spotted for the next day or two, that was it. this is not normal for me, I'm normally pretty heavy for at least 6 days... can cup use actually shorten the amount of time you bleed? I'm wondering if the suction kinda sucks everything out faster or anythying.. not that I'm complaining. though this being only one cycle, it could have easily been coincidence.
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