nocturne_wolf (nocturne_wolf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need help in narrowing down cup size/brand

Hello again.  Many thanks to all that helped me in my first post about finding my cervix, etc.  I really appreciated it :).  Now, I'm trying to find out which size and which brand of menstrual cup will fit and work best for me.  Here's the info I've recently compiled about my body.  The week before my period started, I carefully located where the cervix sits.  When I'm not on my period, it's more or less in the center, about 2 inches in.  Four days ago, my period began for this month, and I again felt around for the cervix.  It was lower, now about 1 inch in, and had moved a bit further back towards the tailbone.

With this information, I no longer think a Diva is the right brand, but I could still use some help.

And one last question on a minor note, is it normal for your period to go super heavy after feeling for the cervix?  'Cause that's what happened this time around.  I felt for the cervix on Monday, ('cause my period started up slow on Sunday and usually hits full force the following day) and it was like super heavy.  I had to change pads almost every hour for the next 2 days, and leaks were CRAZY.  Did I mess something up down there?  

Again, tips appreciated.  Thanks in advance!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position
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