bryony76 (bryony76) wrote in menstrual_cups,


OK, I'm very new to this and this is only my second day of using the MCUK, but I've just had what can only be described as a horror film moment and I just had to share:

Flow has been manageable so far and on emptying my MCUK after about 3 hours, my flow has barely reached the first ml marker.

However, an hour ago, I noticed I was cramping a lot more and I felt a little light-headed. I'm only CD2 and so figured it must be starting to kick in.

As I had so much room last time on emptying I figured I could leave it a bit longer. Not so!

After 4 hours, I went to the bathroom to remove. As I was removing the cup, it leaked all down my hands, legs and underwear. I haven't got any spare so am having to wear them. Yuck! I had a liner on, but I hadn't really leaked that much onto the liner, it was mostly during removal.

Well, when I got it out, the cup was almost overflowing! My flow seems to have picked up dramatically in a short space of time. I was never really aware of this before when using tampons.

Don't think I'll be leaving it as long next time...

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