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Hi ladies. I'm not so new to cups, but so far, the one I have (the Diva) has yet to work well for me. Tried twice and had to have it removed by medical professionals both times, after digging, poking and prodding for HOURS. The first time I was told it was suctioned to my cervix. Suffice it to say, when I went home that day my cervix hurt! :-( I have no idea whether I have a high or low cervix, so that may be the problem I'm running into especially since I've read that it's positioning changes throughout the cycle.

I feel like I wasted the $ I paid for my diva, as I'm too scared to try it out for a third time and possibly have to go to the emergency room to have it removed. Anyway...I know everyone's body is different and therefore what works for one will not work for another but..UGH, I just want to not have to buy anymore stupid tampons and pads!! Is it common to go through several cups that just "don't work" (or in my case, you can't get OUT) before finding the one that works for you? How did you all decide which (other) ones you were going to try out? I have SO many more questions but I think i'll leave it at this for the moment.
Tags: buying decisions, removal - painful or problems
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