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Thank you!

I just wanted to thank everyone in this community for all the information and opinions available! I haven't used my LJ account in 4 years and had to reset my forgotten password so I could get on here and share how happy I am!
I was looking into cups after getting so sick of cloth pad laundry and this is by far the best and most informative source with so many of you wonderful women. After browsing around for hours and hours, I finally decided on a larger size Lunette (Selene, because it's pretty blue!) and I was able to find a link to a site that sent them to the US.
I'm not even done with my first cycle using the cup, but I am so hooked. With all the insight available on here, I was able to get things worked out within hours. Got it in perfect the first time, not so perfect the second time, and after about 5 minutes of trial and error the third time, figured out how to fold and the angle to insert to get it in there just right!
It's so great! I was a little nervous because I was out and about and active all day the first day, but other than that one tweak (which I was at home for, much easier to deal with) things went awesome.
Thank you every one!
Tags: activism, first time use, lunette, success stories

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