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I just finished my 2nd cycle and my DivaCup pre-childbirth is leaking leaking leaking.
-It takes up my entire vagina and I'm sure my cervix is in the cup
-I use it inside-out because it is too long for me even after i cut the stem
-I think I insert it properly every time
-I have no idea if i have a good seal but when i run my finger around the rim it has opened fully, i can't really grab the bottom and turn it because its inside least it's difficult
-I love the cup it has made my period much less stressful but I still have to wear pad. Not a pantyliner... A PAD!
-It always leaks, light, heavy, moderate...doesn't matter, LEAKAGE!
-I REALLY want my DivaCup to work. I'm hoping that no one will tell me to try another size/brand because that's not feasible at the moment after going through all the trouble of convincing my mom to order this "soo groosss" [amazing] product for me.
-BTW im a 19 year old virgin dancer in Jamaica and at the moment I cannot swim or dance with it alone. So I'm kind of in the same position as i was in before i got it, which defeats the whole purpose of buying it in the first place.

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