bryony76 (bryony76) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First-time success!

I used my MCUK for the first time today.

So far so good.

Insertion was absolutely no problem: I used the c-fold. It was even easier once I figured you only need to push the top rim past the pubic bone, and not the entire thing! Once the rim is past the pubic bone and I let go, the cup opens out and rises into pretty much the correct poisition and seals instantly. I usually push it at the base a little more once in though, just so I can't feel what little of the stem is left outside my vagina. I haven't cut the whole stem off just yet - although I think I will eventually - as I wanted to get a little more practise at removal first.

Wearing it has been a dream - can't feel a thing. In some ways I'm even less conscious of the MC than a tampon, because you don't have anything hanging out of your vagina and are not aware of being dried out inside. I'd say the only flaw I can think of at this point is that it seems to make me cramp a bit more than usual; this is probably just because it is bigger than a tampon. I'm also not fond of the air-sucky feeling when the cup opens out inside. Ugh.

Removal is definitely the most tricky part. So far, I've been having to full-squat  in order to get a grip of the base properly, but then I stand up while I ease the cup out. This isn't always easy, and can sometimes be a bit painful, especially if I don't angle the cup enough and it stretches me out - ouch.

I have had no problems with leaks yet, and i was really easy to clean it under the tap. Might be a bit trickier tomorrow though, once I'm back at work and in public, rather than at home.

I like it!
Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk), success stories
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