lyslys419 (lyslys419) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Dude, where's my cup?!

I  had surgery to remove an orange-sized fibroid from my uterus a little over a month ago. Yesterday I started my first period since the surgery. My flow is a whole lot lighter, so now I won't be anemic all the time. Yay!

My issue is with my cups. My large Lady Cup and Diva used to ride low. Yesterday my Lady Cup went up so far that I could barely get it out - even with bearing down. I finally had to get into a full squat and even then it took a while.Today I'm wearing my large Diva and hoping that it's longer length makes things easier.

I've never been able to reach my cervix, but my vagina is short. Both my cups used to feel too long, but now they both ride very high. The fibroid really distorted my uterus, so I'm wondering if everything has changed position with its removal. Has anybody ever experienced this?
Tags: removal - painful or problems
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