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Large Fleurcup width/holes affecting suction, length affecting comfort/fit - any input appreciated!

Hello Awesome Cuppers,

I'd welcome advice from Fleurcup user, and cup users with shorter vaginas... My novella here:

I'm in need of advice, my problem is as follows: I'm the happy owner of an IUD, now about two months old. I used to use a UK Mooncup size B (never completely sold on it, it just wasn't ideal for me I think), as of my last period I have been using a small PinkCup. The reason I changed is that I was concerned about the HUGE suction my Mooncup creates. Prior to the IUD the only removal method I used successfully was tugging to the entrance of my vagina and then wiggling the cup to the side to let air in, which was a little uncomfortable (I hadn't discovered this community yet or I would certainly have been more clued up :D).

Putting in the Mooncup post-IUD insertion was a terrifying experience: when it opens up I felt like my cervix was being yanked on by a muscular squid, and removal was difficult and suctiony. I tried to pop a finger in to break the seal, but the huge multi-layer rim prevented me from even getting close, and when I eventually managed to wiggle it down and out I breathed a huge sigh of relief and started to look for something better.

After using the size chart, measuring the height of my cervix (I can always touch it easily with a finger, during my period it's half a finger length away) and looking at pictures, the PinkCup sort of popped out at me, and I ordered it from femininewear. The squishiness appealed to me, (I thought it would make it easier to break the suction somehow), and the small size seemed comforting.

It definitely delivered on many levels: it's easy to unfold gently from a 7-fold (I always hated the Mooncup's 'punch in the stomach' popping open feeling, partly why I didn't use it much, and now that's an added concern with an IUD), it's comfy (again, it always took a while getting accustomed to the presence of the Mooncup), has gentle but effective suction, and (very importantly for me who is rediscovering being in touch with my female anatomy) is *kyewt* as a button. I had a few leaks before discovering that my cervix is quite far to the left, and angling the cup solved those quickly.

Now I think the PinkCup has been a great re-introduction to menstrual cups, but I definitely need another, more suited to my needs ultimately than the PinkCup. I've been considering a Fleurcup as first choice, because of its huge capacity: I've so far only tried the PinkCup during one period which also happened to be my first proper post-IUD period, so I expect my flow will probably change quite a lot from that first one during these next months. However it's clear that I need something roomier. There were a couple of days during which I had to empty the cup every hour or more, and one impressive evening where I was bleeding faster than the cup could even keep up with. I think my cervix takes up quite a lot of room in the cup which, on top of the low hole placement, meant that every time I passed a huge clot, that was the cup full (sorry for TMI :S).

Fleurcups also tick the aesthetics box (I'm tempted by the black one, it looks really badass somehow, and though the pink coloured cups are really cute on their own, they look pretty gory during use - can't help imagining the black one reminding me of Poe's "The Mask of the Red Death" story :) (Not necessarily a bad thing for me).

Does anyone have any suggestions/input on suction? I don't want to repeat the Mooncup experience, whether the insertion or the removal! I think I could deal with the poppiness of a stiffer cup by using a fold that I can open fairly gradually, but crucially I don't really want something with massive suction overall. I'd welcome experiences with the Fleurcup, though obviously mileage may vary for each individual.
Also is it possible to add holes, or enlarge the existing ones, in order to decrement the intensity of the suction, and if so has anyone any tips on how to do it neatly?

My gut feeling is to go with the Large Fleurcup, simply because the massive capacity would provide plenty of peace of mind during what promise to be fairly unpredictable periods, and because in the grand scheme of things, it's not that bigger overall than the PinkCup. I'll probably have to chop the stem clean off for length reasons, but I think it'll fit me. Cup-users with shorter vaginas, input please? Do 6mm make a palpable difference in terms of fit? And most importantly, does the 6mm added width necessarily mean that the suction will be as bad as the Mooncup? Or was that likely mostly due to the size/placement of the holes combined with the wiiiiide rim? And could that be taken care of potentially by enlarging the holes/adding more?

ETA: Since the small Fleurcup is essentially the same size as the PinkCup, if it seems like the large Fleurcup would be too big/suctiony I'll settle for that one, which is after all almost double the LadyCup Capacity. Or maybe I should just buy both, and pass the one I don't need to another cup user - at least that way I'll know for sure!

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