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a couple of thoughts

My femmecup, which has apparently been in the mail for a long time now, hasnt turned up yet. I brought it last period, and I've just finished my next one... and I'm on roughly 25 day cycles... I promised myself I wouldnt post again till it got here and I could post a review as a new user of cups all round, but a couple of things have happened this past week or two that I wanted to share: 

I've noticed for the first time (not sure if they were sold earlier and i didnt notice or what) that the local supermarket now stocks sterilised tampons, and sterilised pads. This bothers me to no end, particularly because the brand name is "pureste" or something like that. It seems that companies are really hammering home the whole concept of periods as dirty and shameful, rather than somhing natural and normal.

Also, on the subject of tampons I was forced to use some this period as I not only ran out of money  to get pads, but also I was going swimming. And I found out something - since discovering an alternative exists, I actually felt utterly disgusted at having to use a tampon. I took it out earlier than I needed to - painfully - because I couldnt handle having it in my body for any longer. I guess it was because I knew that I didnt have to use them anymore, or at least if it wasnt for a frustratingly slow postal system I wouldn't have to use them.

I actually cut up some old flannel PJs and folded them into makeshift cloth pads without sewing them, thats how poor I am at the moment. but the funny thing about this - i felt really good. I felt so positive about it.

so my question is this - is it normal, or have others experienced, such a dramatic shift in perspectives after finding out about cups? I mean, I havent even gotten mine yet and I love it already.

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