ialreadyhaveit (ialreadyhaveit) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ok, end of cycle question

How do you judge when to take out your cup for the end of your cycle? Like, how do you know its officially over? With tampons I would wear a pantyliner for a day or two after bleeding had totally stopped because I would have some light spotting there after. Do you think with the cup, that wont be a problem? I know you guys aren't dr's, but I'm wondering in your personal opinion if using the cup made a difference in post menses spotting.

Also, when I went to the loo just now, I was conviced it was time to empty, so I removed it only to find a triffle litte bit in the bottom, and creamy cervical mucus.*and no string! lol*  I'm wondering what that means for my flow, have any of you experienced this? Does the presence of the creamy cm possibly indicate that the flow is over? LIke, did the suction pull it all out already? LOL!
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