ialreadyhaveit (ialreadyhaveit) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My Weekend Being a Diva!

It started off pretty horribly :(. I needed  to line up my expectations with the actual ability of the product. I was really hoping to go longer without emptying, but I had to about every 4 hours on my heaviest day.That was a horror show, because I can't seem to remove it comfortably without it spilling all over my hand (and once on the floor)! I did two publc restroom changes this weekend, both of which went good, but the one on Saturday left me looking like I was slaughtering something. Yesterday actually was the best I've done, I think I'm starting to be more successful at removing it without spilling, but now it's slightly painful again :(.  That pesky red string is another story, what is that thing? Has it always been there, and I just didn't know because of the tampons!? lol.

I'm really working on emptying neatly, because that's the only way I can be sure how full the cup is, and if I'm timing my emptying properly. Like, is it a leak from overflow, or a leak from placement, you know? I also turned it inside out, MUCH BETTER! I could not keep that stem from poking me, it was aweful, I was walking with a limp! lol. Inside out requires I bear down more for removal, but its such an easy price to pay to get my mobility back!

So all in all, it has been quite the experience, it's teaching me so much about my body, and it's really made me lose that aweful fear of "oh, crap, did I grab some tampons this morning before I left?" Just that piece of mind makes it all worth it!
Tags: teething troubles

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