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3rd Cycle - Success at last.

Finally realised after 2 leaky cycles that my low cervix must have been either sitting on the rim of my cup or hanging outside of the rim slightly.  Even though I did a finger sweep each time, I must have missed it sometimes (how??). 

I made a real effort this month to position my cup properly and it now sits much higher than before and I've only had leaks when it's been full.   Also have been able to use the Large Lunette this cycle, the higher position makes it way less uncomfortable.

My cervix is quite low and it clings really tightly to my vag wall on one side.  I must have been pushing the cup up alongside it instead of over it.  Can't believe it's taken me 2 whole cycles to do this properly!

With one foot on the floor and the other up on the side of the bath (tub to you) I held my cup in one hand and used the index finger of my other hand to manhandle my cervix into the cup.  It actually took me quite a few tries,  but when it was positioned correctly I noticed the difference in feel right away.  Once I'd worked out the angle and height I needed each insertion became easier and now I can put it in just as quickly as before.

The Meluna was comfy before, but didn't have quite enough capacity for my heavy days.  I thought I'd try the Large Lunette again which I found so uncomfortable last month and with the correct new position it was much better.  It still feels a bit large (like someone pressing on your tummy when you need a wee), and the stem is a little uncomfortable but the capacity is fantastic.  Now I'm wearing the cups higher I'm reluctant to cut the stem off as I've been using it to get hold of the cup - the suction on this Lunette is immense!  Although I loved it for the heavy days I was relieved when I could go back to the Meluna for the medium and light days.  I feel bad now for calling my Lunette a rugby ball last month.  Sorry Lunette.

Hope this isn't too long and rambling, I wanted to post this in case anyone else has the same type of problem and I also wanted to thank all the Women and Girls on here who spend so much time giving advice and help.  Without the encouragement of this community I don't think I'd have had the patience to keep trying.

I've included more detail in my journal if any one is interested (including trying to use a Diva - are they meant to be so squishy??).

MCUK sent me a pdf last month about doing kegels (after I asked for advice about leakage).  It said to do a set of 10 kegels daily and hold for 10 seconds each, working up to 10 x 20 seconds each.  I've done this and I think it's also helped.

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