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So, I actually used my Lady Cup for the very first time today. It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, I hadn't started bleeding yet, but I figured that I would later today and decided to try my cup. At first, I tried to put it in standing up and failed miserably. So, I put it in sitting down, and had a little trouble, but finally got it in. It was a little uncomfortable because of the stem, but, I decided to leave it and just see if it was something I could get used to.

So, this evening (I wore it all day :)), I was in the shower, and I decided to just try to remove/reinsert it in there. I took it out, and when I checked, there was blood in the bottom of the cup! I was SO excited because normally, even using tampons, I would leak ALL the time. So, I washed it, trimmed the stem a little, and decided to try to reinsert it standing up again.

It practically placed itself! While I was standing!!! And I barely even knew it was there. I can actually bend over and sit down without worrying!

In any case, I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who helped me figure this out. :)

And, if anyone is thinking about getting a cup and hasn't yet, it's awesome!
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