beautyinmundane (beautyinmundane) wrote in menstrual_cups,

and then there was suction...

 OH MY GOD!.... so everything went rolling along great on my dry run with the meluna a few posts back, and I thought it was amazing...except its been nearly in there 36 hours and I'm still trying to remove it.  I can barely reach the rim and have been using a rubber glove at this point because even though I've been taking breaks and let it sit overnight, my vag is a bit pissy at me. I have read all the comments about removal and bearing down is helping a little bit, I can reach the ring stem I just can't get the suction to break or grab the bottom of the cup.  Does anyone have experience with meluna specifically and the suction they bring due to only having two holes and the stiffer rim? Previously I thought I couldn't fit a large...because I thought I'd located my cervix and I was close but whatever that was wasn't my cervix.   The cup thats in there is the size of the large from rim to stem, so you can bet my large order is in and on its way....I'm lucky I want to use a cup so bad, this removal process would have scared anyone else to never touch a cup again. I assume the majority of today will be spent trying to get this thing out. 
Tags: dry run, meluna, removal, seal & suction
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