clasificado (clasificado) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is the mooncup right for me?

Hi everyone! 

After learning about the mcups I decided that I had to get one.  I don't have a thing against tampons except that I have to change so much.

At first I thought that the only mcup that existed was the diva cup..  but as I am learning there are so many brands! 

I'm researching and trying to figure out what cup I'm supposed to get and so far I've come to the conclusion that a mooncup might be best for me... but I'm not sure, so I was hoping someone could help me out. 

- first off, I live in California, if that eliminates any of my options... (but I would think that I could have any mcup mailed to me... no?)

-I am 17, virgin, 110 pounds, 5'8 (a bit underweight, i'm working on it)
-I usually have my period for about a week or so...
-My flow tends to fluctuate, but I can get a super (tampon) up there if I have a heavy flow, but usually it's a medium flow
- I don't want to have to change every so often, 12 hrs sounds REALLY good. 
-I can get two fingers up there and reach my cervix (I thought I lost a tampon, so someone told me to stick my fingers up there and get it :(, that's another reason why I want to switch to an mcup! I think I've had at least 10 incidents where I thought I lost my tampon or couldn't remember whether or not I had put one up there)
-I don't think I'll have trouble getting the cup up there or taking it out, I can adapt pretty well, I just don't want to be in pain and I also don't want my vagina to explode or anything

Hmmmm.... so is the mooncup right for me?  If not, do you have better suggestions?


Tags: buying decisions
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