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Success! :D

Not sure if any of you remember, but I posted last night (I think it was last night :/) regarding my Diva Cup and the trouble I was having with putting it in and taking it out. Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that I took all of your suggestions to heart, put them together, and voila! Today (and I'm still on my dry run, so I'm guessing it'll be even better once my period actually starts) I had very little annoyance from my Diva Cup. I put it in so that it was comfortable right away, and have figured out how to fold it when taking it out so that it doesn't hurt. I'm very excited by this, and just want to thank the mods of this community for having such a helpful place to come to regarding this stuff, and those who commented on my post and offered encouragement and suggestions. Thanks, you guys! ♥
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