pineapplebear (pineapplebear) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Little tear after Diva?

Hey guys,

A couple of people said in a thread that they feel like they've slightly torn their genitals when using the Diva. I think I may be experiencing that! I have felt localized pain for the last few days (period ended about a week ago) and today I checked it out with a mirror. I noticed a very thin red line, about 1 cm long, very near my vagina. It only hurts if I touch it, or if urine or hot water runs over it in the shower or something. 

Any advice on how to handle? I put a tiny dab of neosporin on it, hoping that would help it heal. It's not that painful, but i really want to have sex with my husband and I'm afraid it will cause irritation. Will this just go away on its own or should I call my doctor?

Thanks ladies!

Tags: chafing/irritation, sexual activity

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