moon_magick78 (moon_magick78) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Please look at this and give me your opinion

I was on the Diva Cup site today and found this statement on the homepage:

"Because of the intimate, personal nature of the product, we suggest replacing the cup each year.  We have not indicated, nor suggested, a ten year usage."

In your opinion,is this simply a means to sell more of their product? I can't see where my cup could have any amount of damage in just year that would constitute buying a new cup. It's sturdy, and I keep it cleaned with a no soap, fragrance free cleanser. MY opinion is...a well taken care of cup could last well over a year and as such if taken care of and cleansed properly wouldn't pose any more of a health risk after a year than it did when I bought it. What is YOUR opinion?

Tags: cup lifespan, divacup
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