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Medium meluna review and concerns

Hey everyone,

I got my medium meluna with a ring stem in the mail today. Frank was also kind enough to include a complimentary small orange with a ball stem.  I started with the Diva cup about three cycles ago but used it sporadically because it caused a heavy heavy crampy feeling and I felt it was way too long, however it did work most of the time flipped inside out, however still created the extra crampy feeling.  I'm not on my period right now, I had brain surgery about six weeks ago and coming off all the drugs has messed up my cycle.  

I put the medium in tonight for a dry run, and since my period is all messed up I have no idea when its coming again. Better safe than sorry I guess.... anways, the medium fits like a dream. Once i figured out a good way to fold it, which I don't even know what I used...I think it was something like origami, it was in, however it took a second to kegel it into place. For the first minute and a half it felt like it maybe wasn't open all the way and was going to just slip right back out.... 

One thing I noticed even when using the Diva, and especially after letting the meluna sit in there for a few that when I have a cup in, it turns to the left.  The stem of the diva and the stem of the meluna can be found on the right side of the entrance of my vagina.  I'm officially in love with the ring stem, because its not poking me like the almost feels like the cup is completely sideways inside. Is that possible? Previously I thought my cervix was low (on average) and was to the right.  Where I thought it was would justify the placement of the cup, so I assume the cup is where it's supposed to be.  I never had any leaking with the diva, even with the stem tilted and jabbing my inner lip.  Does anyone else's cup do this? Is that normal? How do I know if i have a tilted uterus?

Alot  of people say the meluna has strong suction. I agree but feel that for me, the diva had even STRONGER suction. I thought most of the divas crampy feelings were from suction....but the meluna has an even wider, thicker rim....weird...

the meluna and diva don't spin, but that doesnt mean a thing....I've done my research here, and the cup is fully round at the bottom which must mean it is open.  i'm actually excited to start my period, so I can work out whatever bugs the meluna may bring.  The cup is riding high, which makes me think I have more room and may be able to accomodate the large meluna.  

Anyone have any thoughts on the position of the cup?

My bottom line is I already love the meluna and its been in for an hour! I can't feel it, regardless of the way it seems to be tilted.  Only the period will tell though...

Here's to hoping its the Goldilocks cup!
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