I have a Master's in History & a Union card (happychildless) wrote in menstrual_cups,
I have a Master's in History & a Union card

Don't know how to classify

Honestly, this is sad and disturbing, but I thought I would share.

At our faculty meeting, we had a woman come talk to us about drug use and paraphenalia.  Very scary stuff believe me.  We saw all the usual stuff like pacificers, but then, on the bottom of the screen was a tampon.  Of course the male teacher sitting next to me had to ask what it was used for.  Apparently there is something with Vicks.  And she was very clear about which kind to get (I learned more about doing drugs than preventing use). 

Tampons as drug paraphenalia?  Just another reason I am happy cup user.  But I will think twice about stocking my desk with tampons for all the times the nurse is not in.
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