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First timer... mishap?

A few facts about me… I’m eighteen, and a virgin. I’ve used tampons for a few years now, but a friend told me about menstrual cups a couple of weeks ago and it sounded like a wonderful alternative.  Needless to say, I purchased a Divacup last week and it finally arrived yesterday.

Maybe this was a bad idea, but I tried to insert it last night. My period isn’t going to start for about a week and a half, but I was eager to try my new investment out.

To my surprise, it actually went in after only about three or four minutes of trying. The push down and seven fold didn’t work for me, but the c-fold worked fine, and as far as I know I got a good seal.

When I was convinced it was in right, I stood up and walked around for a minute or so, and I couldn’t feel a thing! Then I went back into the bathroom to remove it.

Here’s what happened… I squeezed the tip of my Divacup and slowly tried to ease it down and out. It didn’t feel like I had broken the suction yet, but I kept trying, and after maybe a minute it finally slid out.

Just as it was coming out though, I felt a little pain and maybe a couple tablespoons of blood came gushing out. I stood up to clean it off of the toilet seat, pretty unsure about what had happened, but knowing that I didn’t just want to sit there in a pool of blood. And I don’t know… maybe I stood up too fast? But next thing I knew I had passed out right there on the bathroom floor.

I’m thinking I broke my hymen, and I was wondering if you guys agree. My parents were never open about sex (or genitalia in general), so I’m really quite ignorant about it all. Any insight on the matter?

Note: I’m Christian, and although I’m saving myself for marriage, I’m really not too worried about my hymen breaking (if that’s even what happened). My religion places more importance on the emotional aspect of sex than it does on the physical, and I’m sure a broken hymen isn’t going to matter much when my time comes. So to clarify… that’s not what worries me. I really just want to figure out what happened.

Thank you so much for your help...

Tags: divacup, dry run, first time use, hymen, removal - painful or problems

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