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Can anyone tell me why the Lunette leaks less when it is inside out?  I tried that yesterday and while it still leaked, it was minimal.  I thought I had found my solution!  However, without the stem and with only a very slick bottom to grab for removal...not a good solution for me... way too much stress trying to get it out.  I just wonder why being inside-out made such a big change?

I have been trying to perfect my cup use for months and frankly I am ready to be done with them.  The leakage is insane.  I have tried different brands, different sizes, different inserting techniques, inserting it high, low, angled up, angled down, pointed toward tail bone etc etc etc.  I have remained diligent and to no avail.  If my flow is light, no problem, it collects nicely in the cup, no leaks,  If it is only slightly more than light, it leaks more than it collects.  I did have better luck with the instead, but if I have to wear pads and keep checking constantly, then really, what is the point?  ;'-(   I have read every apge of this forum and others... no answer in sight.
Tags: leakage & spotting, lunette
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