vgnhippie (vgnhippie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pain & Bicycles

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share a sad story with you, so I could have support and love, and maybe feedback.

So, I've been using my LadyCup for around a year and a half now (yay! love it!!! + always trying to nicely convert people), and I've been living in Amsterdam for the past several months, and obviously biking around everywhere. This has never really been a problem up until now. Today, I got home, and when I went to go to the bathroom and peed, I had a horrid burning / stinging-in-the-wound sensation like something was wrong. I poked around with a water-wet tissue and sure enough, one of my lips was swollen and in pain and maybe abraded? I really don't know. I had to change my cup, which worried me because I didn't want to upset such a sensitive area (I mean, generally obviously sensitive, but right now especially so, with the pain), but I gingerly did so and tried not to offend or bother my sore lip too much.

I wonder, though, if it's because of the combination of "cupping" and biking? It was always fine before, but I wonder it today, when riding around, I was grinding the leftover stub of my cup stem into my vulva lip flesh--especially every time I bounced and bobbed up and down over all the bumpy bricked streets here. I'm sure if the cup was riding too low, the edges / bottom of the stem could easily bear into my lip flesh.

Do you think I've actually hurt or injured myself? My hope is that this will just go away and heal itself, and that I couldn't actually have done much damage with just some silicon and a bicycle seat. What do you think?

Also--please send love and hugs! I was very sad when I first came out of the bathroom (obviously), and my first thought was to fly online and solicit support from you all.

Tags: lady cup, sports/physical activities

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