redsredux (redsredux) wrote in menstrual_cups,

HBC and cup use

 Hello ladies!

I have been lurking for a while now, and finally cracked and bought a small YellowCup early this month. I've been using it "dry" (on and off in the days immediately following it's arrival, and now, as I'm expecting my period soon) and everything has been working great; it catches my CM so I'm assuming I'm good enough at putting it in correctly. It's comfy (I don't feel it at all) and despite everything people say about Lady Cups, I haven't had major issues removing it either. Wahoo!

Here's my question: I'm expecting my period within the next day or so. This is also be my first period while on hormonal birth control. I don't know yet if this will influence my flow, or the consistency. Normally my periods were fairly light, with occasional clumps on the heavy days. They were also maddeningly irregular (thus the HBC). Anyway, I don't know if any of you who use cups in conjunction with HBC experienced changes, or if this affected your cup use at all. I'm just curious. :)

I can't believe I'm looking forward to my period, lol.

Thanks in advance!
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