sugar_drop21 (sugar_drop21) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Hello Ladies!
well i am a 13 year old virgin who has been happily using my cup for a few days, and it works perfectly from the first day onward. I have a small MeLuna, and it doesn't hold much (especially overnight) oh boy! today, i made a HUGE mess in my bathroom, and what i don't understand was that it was in the middle of the day, i just started bleeding really heavy for like an hour. anywhoozle. i was looking into getting an overnight cup, so how big is the large MeLuna? Do you think a virgin would be comfortable using a large MeLuna? and have you heard of virgins using a large cup (any brand)? which one do you think would be the best?
thanks in advance.
Tags: meluna, virginity
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