Анастасия (stasya_s) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady cup removal

Hello from Russia, again :)
I've been using my Mooncup UK size B for several months, but it leaked, so I decided to try a Lady Cup.
Now I'm on my first cycle with Blue Cup (large), and I'm happy everything about it except removing...
With Mooncup UK I could squeeze the baze to release the seal and then rock it from side to side - and here it is. But with the Blue Cup it doesn't work - squeezing the baze doesn't release the seal and it's too slippery to rock it. The only way I found is to insert my finger and fold the cup a little like C-fold. Works, but most of the blood is spilled! Not great as I'm removing it squatting and the blood spills on the floor.
So, Lady Cup users, how do you remove it without spillig? Is it possible? :)
Tags: lady cup, removal

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