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BV after swimming?

Hi everyone,

New to posting, but longtime reader. You guys have been sooooo helpful as I've learned to use my Diva! I'm encountering a potential problem, though. I swam in a pool for the first time with my Diva on Thursday. I was a little worried about flooding due to some other users' experiences, but thankfully had no such problems. However, I felt a little funny when I was swimming, but maybe I was just really focused on my vagina haha. Anyway, like I said, no cup flooding, but right after the swim, I started to feel a little funny. My vagina just felt kind of swollen - like it was harder to fit my fingers up there to insert and remove the cup. But then again, I have definitely noticed that my vagina changes throughout my cycle - it is definitely more "open" at the beginning.

Anwyay, now, a few days later, I am having some discharge. I still have my period, but it's almost pink, which I assume is blood mixed with white discharge. And it smells kinda bad, I think. I'm having some irritation - not like I want to scratch my vagina out with a bottle brush or anything, but I just feel dry and a little irritated. Does this sound like BV to any of you? If so, do you think I could possibly head it off with yogurt - both eating and inserting some of it? If possible, I'd rather avoid trying to make an appointment to see the GYN - it's always such a pain. It's normal for me to have some irritation towards the end of my period, so I'm not sure if this is anything. What do you guys think? Thanks so much ladies!!! :)

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