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Lunette: Leakage problems

Hi :)

I'm a 15 year old girl from Germany.
After using the small Lunette with a trimmed stem (was too long before) for several cycles I really regret to say that I hate this stupid thing I tried the Origami Fold and the Punch Down Fold (with the punched part facing down) and it always leaks (especially after physical activities like cycling to school) and I have no idea what's wrong. Tampons always dry me out and I have to change them very often. It's so annoying!
I always use cloth pads as a back-up, but sometimes it even leaks through the pads and I can't ever trust the cup as I never know when it is going to randomly start gushing. That's especially inconvenient at school... And my fingers are all messy when I take it out...looks like a murder scene! I hoped that it could be left in for 9 hours without emptying it; I have to check it every hour on my heaviest days. Overnight there is blood everywhere even if I have a pad because it fills up and leaks in a way that a tampon never did. My flow is very irregular due to stress, sometimes I'd have to change a super tampon every two hours during the heaviest days, sometimes there's next to nothing. Sometimes there's no period for three or four months, sometimes I've got it twice a month.

The cup always opens successfully and it is never filled to capacity when it leaks, it's not even half-full. The holes are not clogged before I re-insert it.
I think that the cervix is pointing into the cup and the cup sits low in my vag, but I'm not sure. My fingers are very short (although I think that my vag might be on the short side as well)
Sometimes the very short stem sticks out and I simply cannot make it go any further up. Other times it migrates so far up I can barely get it out again. What is going on?

I really want to get the hang of my Lunette. Do you have any idea what the problem is? I'm sure that it isn't slow leak of residual blood that got into the vag when I removed and cleaned my cup. Do I need a different cup? That would be annoyinf because I'm a student... I'm always short of money And I actually don't want to get a cup with less capacity because my flow's sometimes pretty heavy.

Tags: cervix position, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, lunette, virginity
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