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Hi, first post so bear with me. 

I've happily used a MCUK sz 2  for quite a while now (i'm 38 no kids) and i've started getting heavier on my first couple of days, having to wake up every 3 hours to empty, now knackered at work :(.  So I thought about getting another cup.  After much investigating and comparing sizes to what I have at the moment I went for a Lunette Selene, couple of mm bigger but the extra capacity might buy me an extra hours kip!    This is when the problems started, C fold  insertion like the MC, no problem, quite a noticeable pop open but ok,   after about 15 mins crikey! PAIN!!   It felt like somebody had hold of both my ovaries and were giving them a good squish, unbearable.  Took it out replaced it with my good old MC and all was ok, pain went away.  Has anybody else suffered this problem? I was wondering if it was the stiffness with the cup, as my MC is much more flexible & softer.  I didn't think it was the size so much as they were both so similar.  Any help greatly appreciated
Tags: cramps, insertion, lunette, lunette selene, popping open, seal & suction

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