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First cycle with Medium (orange!) stemless Meluna

Hi! Rachel who is 24 & childless here. I posted a while back about my diva cup 1 issues, it was just too long and poked out of me even stemless and inside out. With your help I decided on a medium stemless meluna.

Putting the cup in was so easy. It just went right in, opened right up and I can usually hear the suction. I could get it to spin. My cervix is very low, the bottom of the cup is sitting right at the entrance of my vagina.
I started my period overnight Tues/Wed with the cup in, wore it all day Wednesday and overnight again, my heaviest time is at night on Wed/Thurs, I woke up and it was full-full. So far no leaks and it was fantastically amazingly awesome.

Thursday afternoon, it leaked. I thought, okay, it's in wrong, I felt around a little before I took it out to see how it was sitting so I could avoid it. It felt completely normal. I spent all of that day (at home, since I'm a housewife) and all night last night with leaks, half the blood in the cup, half coming out of the cup on the side facing the floor of my vagina. It has definitely got suction. I can feel it when I remove it and usually when I put it in, it's open, my cervix is fully inside. Now, though, it spins when I run my fingers around it, I just... touch it and it spins. It seems really slick where the rim is touching the skin, like... the rim and skin have a layer of blood in between them that is letting more blood stream out. I can't wear it anywhere other than right up against the cervix. Firstly, the suction takes it right up there (I pop it open and it just sails into place), and secondly, if it didn't, it would be poking out of my vagina.

I'd say this is because my cervix is in a different place than it was on my leak-free days. Oddly, these were the days last cycle when the diva was most comfortable. I have considered putting it in and seeing if I can stand it at all, though, after feeling, or rather not feeling, the meluna, I probably wouldn't be able to stand the length of the diva.

Do you think the rim is too narrow? It seems like a wider rim might help this issue, but I'm afraid anything with a wider rim will be longer, and I can't accommodate longer at all.

I'm wearing a white dress to a Halloween party, so I'm hoping it will stop leaking sometime today. Come on cervix, go back where you were two days ago, please. ;)

Thanks for your input on this!
Tags: leakage & spotting, meluna
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