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High or low?

Hello all! Been lurking for a couple of months and after finally figuring out how to post on this darn website, I would like to ask some questions! About me--36, no children and using a small Diva. Had a mostly successful first cycle with one major leak (I think it was too high).

I have read here about women to say that their cup is placed correctly when it is latching on to their cervix and this confuses me. I know some vaginas are longer (or shorter) than others, but my understanding is that the Diva Cup is supposed to seal to your pelvic floor. If mine was sealing to my cervix it would be way too high and I am pretty sure it would leak. I also read about women who "kegal" their cup up to get it to sit right, but if I did that I think it would be too high! Can ya'll advise?

Also, I am deployed to Afghanistan right now and the water we use in the shower is technically "potable", but they say not to actually drink it. Am I safe to wash my cup with the water from the shower, or should I use actual bottled water? The water situation makes me nervous here--someone put cyanide in the water of another base nearby (no one was hurt), but I guess if that happens I have more to worry about than the integrity of my cup, huh? :) Sorry, a little combat humor there...

So if anyone can offer me tips on placement (low or high?)and how I might handle the water situation here I would appreciate it! Thank you in advance!
Tags: cleaning, insertion, seal & suction, travel

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