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Vaginismus, Mirena and Cup?

So, background on me: I'm 21, have vaginismus (but do physical therapy for it and am improving) and endometriosis. Up until Friday, I have been on the pill for 6 years. I've probably had like 5 very light periods in the past 3 years because I took HBC continuously to avoid menstruation. Friday I got a mirena IUD.

So, I'd like to use a cup. My GYN said it was totally fine to do so.

I've tried a small Diva before and it didn't work for me. I tried it probably twice each period for 5 or 6 periods, then it fell out of my bag and I lost it.
I had kind of a hard time inserting it, but I would get it in after a few seconds, seem to be sealed fine and in the right place, but after like an hour it would be uncomfortable and feel like it had come unsealed or something and slide down lower. I was never able to keep it in for more than a few hours.
I think what might have been happening is that due to the vaginismus, my muscles were involuntarily spasming and breaking the seal.

So, I'm hoping you all can help me choose a cup. I assume I'll have a light- medium flow, although I'm not sure. I have very tense vaginal muscles/ small vagina. Also, I have a pretty low cervix and short vaginal canal.

The issues with the unsealing... do you think my reasoning makes sense? And if so, do I need something with stronger suction? maybe a stiffer cup? Wider cup? Shorter cup?

Do you have any suggestions for what cup I should get? I know preferences are really individual, but it isn't really something I can try out and return if it doesn't work for me. I'm a poor college student, so this is really going to be an investment for me.

Tags: buying decisions, disabilities & health problems, iud
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