sedjemai (sedjeminepu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Should I or shouldn't I?

So, I'm on cycle 2 with my Diva. I'm gettin' the hang of things. My biggest problem was catching it before it overflowed and leaked on my heavy days (much better then the first round) and removal. Before I had to grab my stem and pull it down before I could get my fingers around the base to break the seal and pull it out. Now I dont' have as much problem. In fact, while the stem doesn't bother me (poking and such) I sorta want it gone. Should I? How much is too much (I'm considering totally cutting it off, it's more "in the way" this time around then anything else). I've read where some of you ladies have chopped off the stem or turned the cup inside out. Does it matter? I have to look again to check and see what turing it inside out does, however that idea itself isn't that appealing. The idea would be to get a rough idea what it would feel like without the stem, prior to actually cutting it off. What do you guys think? Suggestions, thoughts?

ETA: So instead of chopping it off, I tried trimming it up to that first groove. It feels much better. I guess it was poking me?? I dunno. It's hard to say in comparison with using tampons. It wasn't uncomfortable and much better then previous tampon experience so I really didn't know any different. The little trim did improve it.
Tags: divacup, stem length/trimming

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